The new challenge! of evolving cable technology

Aim of Exhibition

  • * Under the new road map for promoting 4K/8K announced in July 2015, many events of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games to be held in 2020 will be broadcast at 4K/8K, and many viewers will be enjoying the 4K/8K programming on commercial TVs. It is imagined that around 2025, various practical broadcasts will be realized with BS-left-handed circular polarization and 110-degree CS-left-handed circular polarization positioned as transmission channels for regular 4K and 8K broadcasts, and the reception environment of left-handed circular polarization will have advanced to the same degree as the reception environment of right-handed circular polarization.
  • * Meanwhile, in cable television too, there will be revisions to various operational specifications for third-generation set-top boxes, which will have functions of both remote viewing and hybrid casting of 4K cable television broadcasts, studies are underway on transmodulation type multiplexing equipment, transmission systems in satellite IF pass-through transmission apartment houses and FTTH transmission systems, etc., for rebroadcasting 4K/8K broadcasts on cable television, and revision work on technical standards, etc., relating to multi-carrier transmission systems and satellite IF pass-through transmission systems is being carried out.
  • * In cable television, which has spread to the majority of households in Japan (approximately 30 million households) and became an important infrastructure for advanced broadcasting and communication cooperation services such as 4K/8K and smart TVs, enhancement of the 4K/8K broadcasting services advanced by the government towards 2025 and, at the same time, various technological developments that respond to social needs, such as initiatives for disaster prevention and disaster prevention that are being promoted following the Great East Japan Great Earthquake of March 2011, are being developed at a rapid pace.

Japan Cable Television Engineering Association (JCTEA) provides technical support for this social demand. The association will hold Cable Tech Show 2017, a cable convention-related event, where it will provide visitors with information on the latest technologies and solutions. JCTEA also provides such information to the general public on its website and via advertising media.