Cable Technology to Pave the Way for the Future CATV Network Society

Aim of Exhibition

  • ○The follow-up meeting on the 4K/8K roadmap aims at advancement of broadcasting services and the followings were announced at the meeting.
    • The launch of 4K (up to three channels) and 8K (one channel) test broadcasting over satellite (broadcasting satellite) in 2016 (the year of the Rio de Janeiro Olympics and Paralympics).
    • The launch of experimental activities for 8K over cable television and IPTV.
    • The launch of 4K test broadcasting via 110-degree communication satellite by left handed circular polarization in 2017
    • The launch of regular 4K/8K broadcasts over satellite in 2018
  • ○Japan delineates a vision of the year 2020 (the year of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics) as follows.
    • Most of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic games broadcast in 4K/8K.
    • The spectators not only at the venue but in their homes all over the country share the excitement.
    • 4K/8K broadcasts will grow in popularity and many viewers willenjoy 4K/8K broadcasts using commercial televisions, cable television, IPTV and other options.
  • ○Development of various technologies to meet social needs such as improved reliability and toughening of cable television equipment, which is now an important infrastructure, faster Internet and combination of cable television services with wireless services is taking place at a fast pace.

Japan Cable Television Engineering Association (JCTEA) provides technical support for this social demand. The association will hold Cable Tech Show 2016, a cable convention-related event, where it will provide visitors with information on the latest technologies and solutions. JCTEA also provides such information to the general public on its website and via advertising media.

Free Attendance Registration *Please note that there is no English interpretation at the technology seminars.